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Bugs, varmints, and diseases to be on the look out for!

snow-moldSnow mold may become a problem if we do receive any more
snow and it  can cause considerable damage to your grass. The best thing to do is gently sweep any areas with a broom or leaf rake to loosen up the mold and allow the area to dry out.  Gently fluff as needed.  Always make sure to clean up your leaves in the fall.  Leaving them all winter can cause mold and will also kill your grass.


At the first sign of Japanese beetles, call us as soon as possible.This beautiful but devastating pest can decimate a yard quickly. They cause damage in larval and japanese beetleadult stages.  The adult Japanese beetle will start appearing as early as June (may be even earlier this year) and begin feeding and breeding through July and into August.  Control strategies should target both larval and adult stages.

BABY VOLESVoles are running amok at this time.  It is unusual that voles are a problem in the spring/summer months but they have been increasing in populations for a few years now.  The hard thing about vole control is when 3 or 4 neighbors have voles and they don’t all treat, it makes control very difficult to achieve.  It also is not in the best interest of your pocketbook to only treat once, as they have nests with babies!  That is why we have set our policy that a minimum of three treatments are necessary.

Rabbits can cause severe damage as well.  It is best if you don’t cultivate them as “cute” animals in the back yard by feeding them.  There is no perfect solution to getting rid of rabbits; you can try netted fencing, rabbit repellents and removing places that they can hide.  If they have nowhere to hide, they will find a new breeding/feeding ground.