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Get to know Mike Severin!

Mike Severin – Lawn Department

Mike Severin DecemberWhere was I born? Portland, Oregon (the place where everyone’s from.)

What brought me into the arboricultural industry?  I’ve always worked outside except for my brief stint in various kitchens in high school and college.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry Management from Humboldt State, which I used to get into all kinds of outdoor work.  After working for a powerline Compliance Company for 1 year, I decided I would like to be one of the people cleaning up the messes that other trim companies left behind.  I went to work in the Bay area of California doing tree work and have always found my way back into the industry from alternating between the forest and the city.  So I switched into being a lawn technician for Mountain High.

What are my hobbies?  Hand carving, chainsaw carving, upcycling, lathe turning, conking, furniture-making, painting, reading, assemblage art, avoiding helping people move, cooking, foraging, Steampunk, collecting art, washing dishes, and cleaning up after myself.

Why did I move to Colorado?  There are a couple of reasons; first was to have a place of my own and secondly, to study Art Law in order to protect my new form of artwork.  I needed to make a change in my life.  I began this pilgrimage to Colorado on 7/25/13 and am still present and accounted for according to the Census Bureau.

Mike is actually quite the artist; he will bring some pieces in on occasion and “wow” us!  Besides Mike’s ability as an artist, he is an all-around great person.  Mike is definitely one of a kind and we are delighted that he is on the MHT team!