May 2016

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 Happy Mother’s Day!

Spring has really come in with a ROAR; two major snow storms within 3 weeks and one more that is imminent!  The damage was extensive throughout the Front Range area and we are getting to everyone as quickly as possible.  I would like to thank our customers for all of their patience and understanding through this latest round of storm damage.  

We would like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there! We hope that your day is full of family, joy and many beautiful memories!

Spring in Colorado can be hard on our landscapes. This spring snowcovered trees snow loadis no exception with two significant snow storms that resulted in major limb breakage. This damage impacts our trees in many ways, some immediate and obvious, and some are delayed and are more difficult to see. It is easy to see how the limbs broken by heavy snow can distort and disfigure a tree’s structure. Large and gaping holes in the tree’s canopy are a daily reminder of winter’s power. When a tree loses large limbs the remaining limbs become exposed to new forces of wind, snow and sun. The change in exposure often increases the likelihood of repeated breakage in the future. It is important to use sound arboricultural practices to improve tree structure after such significant weather events. Selectively pruning long, over-extended, horizontal, or damaged limbs will not only reduce future breakage, but it will also greatly improve the aesthetic appeal of the tree.

Storm damaged limbs offer large open wounds that become a pathway for many pathogens to enter into the tree. Fungal and bacterial pathogens regularly infect various species of trees that include Ash, Crabapple, Apple, Willow, and Pear. These diseases slowly impact their hosts beginning in spring when the mild temperatures and higher humidity keeps fungal spores and bacteria viable in our environment. The impact from fungal/bacterial diseases can range from early leaf drop in mid-summer to large limb die-back and tree death. It is important to make good decisions when it comes to treating pathogens in trees. It is easy to make matters worse if improper treatments are performed, or pruning is conducted at the wrong time of the year, so be sure to consult one of our Certified Arborists at Mountain High Tree to put your trees on the path to recovery.  

Trees and shrubs are not the only thing taking a beating throughout all of the snow storms that have plagued the Front Range area. Lawns are in for an uphill battle as well! The extreme amounts of moisture and temperature changes are all adding up to problems this season. In addition to the weather affecting our lawns, it is also affecting our ability to schedule the work efficiently.

Dandelions and other broad leaf weeds are going to be a problem as putting down any pre-emergent has been hard to schedule around all the snow. On an interesting note, did you know that Dandelions are a prime pollen producer that bees absolutely love? Probably because they are so wide spread, but still something to think about. 

Remember that Crabgrass must have at least 10 days of 50º+ weather before it can germinate. If you are seeing what you think is Crabgrass, it is more than likely a species of tall fescue.  If you have any questions, please call us for a free estimate.

Get to Know Vincent Manus – Lawn Care Specialist

My name is Vincent Manus. I was born and raised in Denver, yes a true native! Before Mountain High I was going to school and playing football in college. I started my college career at Glendale Community College and played there my Freshman and Sophomore years. Then I transferred to California University of Pennsylvania located in Pittsburgh, PA to finish off my Junior and Senior years. In my spare time I enjoy playing basketball at the gym and going out for some great tasting food. I have been with Mountain High for the last 2 years and I love everything about this place. The people I work with are great and the way Ralph takes care of his employees is awesome. I am so glad I found Mountain High and I don’t plan on leaving for a very long time!
Tip of the Month:

With the expansion of Emerald Ash Borer in the city of Boulder, it is important to look for updates on Mountain High Tree’s website. Our continuing goal is to provide up-to-date information on the various pests and pathogens that can impact your landscape. Visit: 
to stay informed.
Some of our Recent Reviews
You are very reliable, this is our second year with you and we are very satisfied with all of your services.
~ Steve in Lakewood ~
I appreciate your timeliness, professionalism and expertise.
~ Elaine in Denver ~
I’ve been a customer of Mountain High Tree Service for 20+ years. They’re the best!
~ Phyllis in Lakewood ~
The Crew did a great job and also answered questions about other landscape issues.
~ John in Golden ~
You are GREAT!
~ Barb in Cherry Hills ~

Springtime in Colorado never ceases to amaze us. April 29th was National Arbor Day for planting trees, yet Colorado Springs got a dose of wet sloppy snow. It brought wonderful moisture and an anticipation of flowers and a green up of our trees and shrubs in May. The heavy snow caused some breakage in Elms, Crabapples and Amur Maples. Check your trees and call Mountain High at 719-444-8800 if you need help with pruning out broken limbs or repairing branch tears.

Get to Know Tim Carnegie –  Trim Supervisor

Tim Carnegie, our trim supervisor, has been with Mountain High in Colorado Springs for 5 years. His background is in construction and remodeling, but he came to us with climbing skills and a desire to learn. He has advanced quickly and thrives on the technical aspects of the industry. He excels at working with all the latest gear to make tree pruning and removal safer and more efficient. Tim was born and raised in Kiowa, a small town on the high plains east of Castle Rock. He later moved to Colorado Springs. His off hours are spent with his fiancee, Melany. A wedding is planned for this August. His hobbies are woodworking and anything that revolves around the outdoors (rock climbing, hiking, camping, kayaking, and snowboarding). Tim brings a calm personality and a sense of humor to our staff.

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