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May Lawn Tips

Lawn Lee’s May Lawn Tips:  We are right around the corner from the cooler spring weather changing over to the heat of the summer. Here are a few things home owners can do and should know about their lawns. Watering: Most lawns in our area consist of cool-season lawn grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and fine fescue. […]

Drip Irrigation in Denver

As the weather starts getting warmer and we start turning on our sprinkler systems, remember to do a thorough inspection of all of the heads and check the entire yard for leaks. After walking through the system one zone at a time checking for misaligned heads, improper spray patterns or small leaks, be sure not […]

Denver Lawn Fertilization in the Spring

Let us help you get your lawn ready for FUN! Yay! It’s finally April and a great time to start planning your family’s springtime and summertime FUN outdoor activities. We know that it’s on your To Do List to start getting your grass green and healthy, planting your flower beds and vegetable gardens, getting your […]

Sprinkler Shut Off in Denver

This Friday & Saturday, October 4th-5th, is predicted to be pretty cold! We don’t know for sure if it will freeze in your area, but we always say: better safe than sorry! So we recommend this easy way to protect your sprinkler system from a possible freeze: Get a cloth or towel, put it over […]