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Colorado Fire Mitigation



Let us help you protect your home from wildfires.

We are your neighbors and degreed foresters with Mountain High Tree Care & Consulting. Our goal is to work together to help reduce the fire hazard and improve the landscapes in our city.

We invite you to call us for your FREE Personal Fire Mitigation Consultation and also receive a 10% discount on any work contracted. Let’s share the responsibility and protect our community.


Fire mitigation is a way to manage vegetation so that hopefully fire will not be as intense. Creating defensible zones where ground fuels, shrubs and trees are not connected is important.

Creating Defensible Space

  • Remove smaller trees and shrubs from beneath decks and eves. Prune larger trees back, limbing them up 10 feet from the ground.
  • Create a clear pathway 8-10 feet wide around your house for easy access.
  • Keep grasses mowed and fine fuels such as pine needles and leaves raked up.
  • Thin and separate groups of scrub oak, taking advantage of natural separations.
  • Remove suppressed understory trees and shrubs to eliminate the laddering effect into upper canopies
  • Learn more on the Colorado Springs Fire Department page

Mountain High can help in evaluating your landscape and creating these defensible zones around your home.

For more information on Fire Mitigation, contact us today:

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