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Supplemental Tree Watering
How can we help you with your tree watering needs?

Your trees and shrubs need a good drink this winter!
Winter watering is essential to maintain healthy trees in Colorado. Mountain High offers a Deep Root Watering service that ensures moisture is placed in and around the critical root system.

Let us help you water your trees & shrubs:
Contact Denver Metro Office: 303.232.0666

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Why water trees in the winter?
Denver often experiences periods of little or no precipitation during winter months.
The impact of this to newly planted trees, trees in construction areas, and trees already under stress from previous storm or insect damage can be overwhelming. This will often result in tree death. With the cost of removing and planting trees rising every day, it becomes increasingly important to properly care for the trees that are already in your landscape. On average, it takes up to 12" of snow to equal just 1" of actual moisture.

Homeowners should evaluate their ability to water their trees, shrubs and turf areas, and don't be fooled when it snows. Dry winter conditions result in serious damage to newly planted landscapes as well as mature and established trees. Damage to vegetation includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Desiccation and dieback to fibrous
    (nutrient absorbing) root tissue.
  2. Undersized leaves in the spring.
  3. Needle browning and pre-mature
    needle drop in evergreen trees.
  4. Increased susceptibility to insect attack.

Inadequate water (drought stress) is probably the most significant cause of plant problems in our area. Due to the semi-arid conditions in which we live, irrigation systems, designed to satisfy the watering needs of our lawn, do not water deeply enough to accommodate the needs of our trees. Trees require deeper, longer, less frequent watering.

Rule of thumb: Water all established trees and shrubs deeply every four weeks when conditions are dry and mild. This is especially true in the fall and winter. Use of a soil probe or soaker hose is a good way to deeply water your trees. A sprinkler can also be used if allowed to run long enough to thoroughly moisten the top 12 inches.

To test if your trees need water, dig down two inches deep and form a ball in your hand. If the soil remains clumped together, your tree does not need water, otherwise water deeply.

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Tree Doctor Tip: Fertilizing your trees helps keep your trees healthy and more resistant to disease and insects.

Supplemental Tree Watering

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International Society of Arborculture.
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